Design Services

At the heart of who we are, we are DESIGNERS.

We have been imagining, detailing and constructing all of our professional lives. The dream becomes the vision. The vision becomes the plan. The plan becomes reality. The reality takes on form for all to enjoy.

Going beyond the edge of conventional limitations of thought and practice is where our true heart beats.

Design: The true craft of the imagination.

Marine Engineering

Our marine engineering pedigree goes way back. Back to places like the U.S. Navy Weapons Station in Charleston, SC, or the nuclear submarine base in New London, CT, or to places like NAS Boca Chica, NAS Pensacola or NAS Guam.

We have designed dozens of private and municipal marinas from coast to coast and scores of private seawalls, docks and control structures, including major flood control monoliths for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

PDG can provide the highest quality assessments and repair/design documents found anywhere. PDG also provides agency permitting and construction oversight for our clients.


Pruitt Design Group, Inc.

Consulting Engineers - Designers - Special Inspectors - Project Managers

Structural Engineering

The original core service of PDG, we have served a vast diversity of project types and clients around the world, from federal government agencies and military branches, to local and State municipalities, institutional, commercial and private clientele. 

Architecturally-trained and always imaginative in our technical solutions, PDG has distinguished itself among our peers as the go-to firm for the very best in design talent, on-time delivery and a culture of client services not easily found anywhere else.